51 43 251Removing and installing/replacing trim panel for left or right rear roof pillar (C-pillar)


Vehicles with head airbags:

Read and comply with safety regulations for working on vehicles with airbag systems.

Do not use any sharp-edged tools to remove the trim (risk of damage to head airbag).

Lever out cap (1) and release screw underneath.

Tightening torque 51 43 3AZ.

Detach panel (2) from clips (4) towards inside.

Only if replacing, release belt strap (3) (see last work step).


If necessary, replace faulty clips (4).

Make sure seal for rear lid is correctly seated.


Secure head airbag (1) to clip (2).

Place panel (3) with clips and guide (4) on roof pillar and clip into place.


Remove rear seat

Release screw.

Tightening torque 72 11 7AZ.

Feed out belt strap from trim panel for roof pillar.

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