31 11 506Lowering/raising front axle support (universal lifter)

Special tools required:


Danger of injury!

Failure to comply with the following instructions may result in the vehicle slipping off the lifting platform and critically injuring other persons.

When supporting components, make sure that:

  • the vehicle can no longer be raised or lowered.
  • the vehicle does not lift off the locating plates on the vehicle hoist.


Before lowering/removing front axle support:


Observe safety information for raising the vehicle


In order to avoid damage to vehicle hoist, perform weight compensation on vehicle.

Load spring strut domes with sand bags.

Necessary preliminary tasks:


If the steering shaft is separated from the steering box, this can result in damage to the steering column switch cluster when the steering wheel is turned!

Release screw (1).

Tightening torque 32 31 2AZ

Detach lower section of steering shaft (2) from steering box and swing towards rear.

Installation note:

Clean thread to remove all remnants of screw locking adhesive.

Replace screw.

Disconnect plug connections (1) on steering box.Attention!

Make sure when lowering the front axle that the cables are not damaged!

Open the mounting clips (1) and remove the air guide (2) (right side is identical).Installation note:

Replace the faulty mounting clips.

Disengage cable (1) of pulse sensor on left and right from holder on front axle support.Attention!

Make sure when lowering the front axle that the cable of the pulse sensor is not damaged!

Undo bolt (1) at anti-roll bar link (2).

Tightening torque 22 11 6AZ.

Installation note:

First mount front axle support on engine support and then tighten screw (1).

N47 only:

Release nuts (1) at front pipe (2).

Tightening torque 18 20 7AZ.

Installation note:

Check rubber mount for damage, replace if necessary.

Undo bolt (1) at front panel strut.

Release screws (1) on bumper holder on left.

Tightening torque 51 11 4AZ.

Release screws (1) on bumper holder on right.

Tightening torque 51 11 4AZ.


Make sure when lowering the front axle that the cable of the air conditioning compressor is not damaged.

Unclip cable tie (2).

Cut open cable strap (3).

Installation note:

Replace faulty cable straps and cable clips.

Fit the special tool 31 5 251 completely onto the universal jack 00 2 030 with a helper.

Insert special tools 31 5 255 in telescopic supports of a profile rail pair.


In a profile rail pair, two profile rails are connected to one another by gearing.

Insert special tools 31 5 253 in telescopic supports of a profile rail pair.


The jacking points on the left side are shown.

Align special tools 31 5 255 and 31 5 253 to front axle support.

Support front axle support by operating workshop jack 00 2 030 .

Unfasten screws (1) to (3).Installation note:

Check threads for damage; if necessary, repair with Helicoil thread inserts.

Make sure screws are installed in correct positions.

Risk of damage!

When lowering the front axle support, it is absolutely essential to make sure that the torsion bar (1) of the electronic power steering (EPS) does not collide in area (2) with the bulkhead!

Collision with the bulkhead may result in damage to the electric steering box (EPS)!


When lowering and raising, make sure there is freedom of movement between front axle support, transmission and refrigerant lines!

Lower front axle support max. to dimension (A) = 120 mm.
Gasket (1) of electric steering box (EPS) must always be replaced!

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