Brake light switch

Hall brake switch


To check the function, there are two separate inputs that lead from the Hall brake switch to the engine control unit. The signal of the main brake switch (BLON) is used to control both the cruise control and the electronic accelerator pedal. When the brake is operated, the cruise control is switched off and the last selected target speed is stored. The second switch (BEML) is used for a safety test.

Installation location

The brake switches are located on the pedal block.


If two brake signals do not match, this is regarded in the DME as an error. The accelerator pedal signal is set to zero. As a consequence, there is no load signal for the DME and the motor remains running at idle. If this error occurs when the cruise control is switched on, the system disables the function while driving. The system reports an error and prohibits use of the cruise control function.
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