67 62 000Removing and installing / replacing flat motor for front left or right power window unit

Special tools required:

 Necessary preliminary tasks:

Release screw (1).

Remove flat motor from window lift rail (2).


Risk of damage!

Follow the work step set out below as closely as possible to avoid damaging the power window unit.


Guide wheel (3) must not be pulled out of mounting plate (4).

Power window unit must be replaced in this event!

Slacken screws (1) max. 5 mm (do not release fully!).

Slide in special tool 00 9 318 between flat motor (2) and mounting plate (4).

Press special tool 00 9 318 against deflection wheel (1) into mounting plate (3).

Unfasten screws.

Carefully lift flat motor (2) off mounting plate (3).

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