61 61 021Replacing left or right windscreen wiper blade

Make sure wiper arm does not touch windscreen without wiper blade.

In the event of a customer complaint regarding the cleaning or wiping performance or noise build-up (juddering, squeaking noise) by the wiper blades, proceed as follows: First check whether the complaint is caused by dirt (preservation wax on new vehicles, resins or other environmental influences) on the windscreen; if necessary, clean the windscreen thoroughly! Only replace wiper blades if cleaning the windscreen fails to remedy the situation.
Necessary preliminary work:
  • Move wipers into fold-out position:
    • Switch on terminal ”R” and then switch off again immediately
    • Press wiper lever upwards and hold for approx. 3 seconds until wiper arms stop in roughly vertical position (fold-out position)


Remove remote key (ignition key).

Raise wiper arm (2) and fold out wiper blade (1).

Remove wiper blade (1) from wiper arm (2) in direction of arrow.


Install wiper blade (1) on wiper arm (2) in direction of arrow.

Fold in wiper arm (2) with wiper blade (1).

Installation note:

Make sure wiper blade (2) is guided.

Fold wiper arm on to windscreen.

Before switching on terminal ”R” or the ignition or starting the engine, you must fold the wiper arms onto the windscreen otherwise damage will be caused.

Required reworking:
  • Move wipers into rest position:
    • Switch on terminal "R".
    • Move windscreen wiper into rest position with flick wipe.

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