61 31 321Removing and installing radio and A/C control panel


Risk of damage!

A hard disk is installed in the Car Information Computer (CIC).

Carry out mechanical work on the CIC and adjacent components with care.

Avoid subjecting the CIC to vibration/shocks.

Read and comply with notes on protection against electrostatic damage (ESD protection).


Carry out installation in a dust-free workshop area only.

To avoid damage, do not touch or dirty the display field.

Necessary preliminary work:

If necessary, unclip trim (1) in direction of arrow.

Unlock associated plug connections and disconnect.

Carefully unclip radio and A/C control panel (1) at marked points.

Pull radio and A/C control panel (1) out of instrument panel trim (2).

Disconnect corresponding plug connections and remove radio and A/C control panel (1).


Release screws (1).


Release latch mechanisms (1), remove fresh air grille (2) from radio and A/C control panel (3).

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