41 51 045Removing/installing/replacing cover of front door, inner left or right

Read contents of Body, General.
Observe (repair stage 1) procedure!
Necessary preliminary tasks:

Lever out window frame cover (1) and remove.
Lift out operating rod (1).
Release expanding rivets (1 and 2).
Release expanding rivet (1).
Release cover (1) from the clips (2).

Feed cable grommets (1) out of cover (3).

Release hinge covers (2) from cover (3).

Slightly pull cover (3) back and release cable clip from wiring harness (4).

Feed wiring harness completely out of cover (3).


Risk of damage!

Hold door on assembly stand in position and release mounting for door stop on assembly stand.

Remove cover (3).

Fix door stop on assembly stand.

Installation note:
Make sure the following components are correctly seated:
  • Weather strip (1)
  • Hinge covers (2)
  • Grommets (3)

Installation note:

Sealing foil (1) and gaskets (2) must not be damaged.

Replace faulty clips (3).

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