31 31 031Replacing front left or right spring strut shock absorber

Special tools required:

High-voltage system - danger to life


During alternating manual application of force (1) (shaking) about the transverse wheel axis, some wheel play may be noticeable that feels similar to large wheel bearing play.

Because of elasticity, fit and a very slight preload in the transverse direction, piston rod play (2) may be noticeable on the spring strut. This is not a fault!

In nearly all cases, it is not possible to permanently reproduce this effect. During changes in the vehicle load, immediately following journeys, during steering wheel movements or other instances of front axle bracing against the roadway, this effect is often no longer noticeable.


The piston rod play is no longer noticeable when the vehicle is on the hoist with hanging wheels (sufficient preload due to transverse spring force).

Unlike wheel bearing play, piston rod play is not noticeable during shaking about the vertical axis.

  • If there is a spring strut leak, check piston rod for bending.
  • If the spring strut piston rod is bent, then the track rod must also be replaced on the corresponding side!
  • When replacing the spring strut, replace the auxiliary damper as well!
  • Renew spring pad in motor vehicles up to 05/2015


Before using the special tool 31 3 340 take care to read through the Owner's Handbook!

All the safety precautions and instructions contained in the Owner's Handbook must be strictly observed!

Failure to observe these safety precautions and instructions increases the risk of serious physical injury, damage to your health and damage to property and equipment!

  1. Prior to each use, check the special tools for defects, modifications and operational reliability.
  2. Damaged/modified special tools must not be used!
  3. No changes or modifications may be made to the special tools!
  4. These special tools are intended solely for the purpose of tightening and relieving cylindrical and tapered suspension springs.
  5. Keep special tools dry, clean and (down to the spindle) free from grease.
  6. Impact screwdrivers are prohibited!

    Risk of damage inside the shock absorber!

  7. Do not compress coil spring to full extent.

Necessary preliminary work:


Clamp special tool 31 3 341 in vice.

Fit special tools 2 318 833 from above on special tool 31 3 341 until locking pins (1) can be felt and heard to snap into place.

Clean coil spring to remove contamination.

Spring must be free of grease, clean and dry.


Accommodate coil spring with special tools 2 318 833 .


Coils of coil spring must be located completely in recesses of special tools 2 318 833 !

Compress coil spring until stress on piston rod is relieved.

Release nut with special tool 33 0 040 and 33 0 042 .Installation note:

Replace nut.

Impact screwdrivers are prohibited!

Risk of damage inside the shock absorber!

Remove spring strut mounting (1).

Remove spring pad/protective tube (3) and auxiliary damper.

Remove shock absorber from tensioned spring.


Remove the spring pad (1) and mount onto the new spring strut, replace if necessary.

Insert spring strut into tensioned coil spring.Important!

Align the lower end of spring flush with spring pad.

Check support bearing, spring pad/protective tube (3) and auxiliary damper (2) for damage and replace as needed.

Renew spring pad (3) in motor vehicles up to 05/2015.

Connect spring pad/protective tube (3) and auxiliary damper (2) to piston rod.

Align spring pad to end of coil spring.

Connect support bearing.

Tighten new nut with torque wrench and ring attachment SW21 with special tool 33 0 040 .

Tightening torque 31 31 2AZ.

Relieve tension on coil spring.

Impact screwdrivers are prohibited!

Risk of damage inside the shock absorber!

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