00 11 240Check/add transmission oil in E-gear I01 (with oil filler plug)


Deletion of oil filler plug:

For motor vehicles with range extender from 04.2015

For motor vehicles without range extender from 05.2015.

Transmission oil is filled via input of output shaft into E-gear.

Necessary preliminary tasks:


Transmission must be at operating temperature.

Transmission oil:

Filling capacities:

Pry off clamps (1) of sound insulation (2).

Remove soundproofing (2).

Installation note:

Replace clamps (1).

Draining transmission oil:

Parts: Replace gasket.

  • Remove oil drain plug (1).
  • Clean oil drain plug (1) and screw in.

    Tightening torque 27 00 13AZ.

Fill transmission with transmission oil.

  • Fill in 0.5 l transmission oil via input of output shaft (2) into E-transmission.

Parts: The radial shaft seal (1) must be renewed.

Lift out radial shaft seal (1) using a screwdriver (2) from E-transmission.

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