31 11 506Lowering / raising front axle support (universal lifter) - no range extender

Special tools required:

High-voltage system - danger to life


Danger of injury!

Failure to comply with the following instructions may result in the vehicle slipping off the lifting platform and critically injuring other persons.

When supporting components, make sure that:

  • the vehicle can no longer be raised or lowered.
  • the vehicle does not lift off the locating plates on the vehicle hoist.


Before lowering/removing front axle support:


Observe safety information for raising the vehicle.


In order to avoid damage to vehicle hoist, perform weight compensation on vehicle.

Necessary preliminary tasks:

Move steering to straight-ahead position.

Release clamping bolt (1).

Tightening torque 32 31 2AZ.

Swing out universal joint of steering gear.


After the steering shaft is separated from the steering gear, do not twist the steering shaft and the steering gear to avoid damaging the steering column switch cluster.

Installation note:

Renew clamping bolt.

Recut thread in universal joint to remove remnants of the screw locking adhesive.

Universal joint can only be installed in one position.

Remove water drain channel (1).
Release screws (1) for upper section of radiator module air duct at lower section.

Unlock and disconnect plug connection (1) on steering gear.

Unfasten plug connection (2) and disconnect.

Slacken nut (1).

Loosen the ground cable (2) from the bolt.

Loosen screws (1).

Remove air module service cap.

Disconnect plug connection (1) at the left ride height sensor if necessary.
Release high-voltage cable (1) from front axle support.

Engage special tool 31 5 251 with a 2nd person helping completely on workshop jack 00 2 030 .

Insert special tools 31 5 255 in telescopic supports of a profile rail pair.

Insert special tools 31 5 253 in telescopic supports of other profile rail pair.


In a profile rail pair, two profile rails are connected to one another by gearing.

Align special tools 31 5 25131 5 253 and 31 5 255 to front axle support.

Support front axle support by operating workshop jack 00 2 030 .

Secure front axle support (1) on special tool 31 5 251 with tensioning strap (2).


The centre of gravity of the front axle support must be positioned centrally over the workshop jack.

Release bolts (1-3).

Tightening torque 31 10 1AZ.

Lower front axle support by no more than 10 cm.

Installation note:

Check threads for damage; if necessary, repair with Helicoil thread inserts.

Note installation locations of screws.

  • Bolt (1) M12x98
  • Bolt (2) M12x60
  • Screw (3) M12x98

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