Active ASD Active Sound Design >

Air conditioning supply >

EKPS electronic fuel pump control module supply >

MOST system analysis >

Power supply, CON controller >

Power supply, driver's seat module SMFA >

Power supply, EPS electromechanical power steering >

Power supply, FEM front electronic module >

Power supply, FLEL frontal lights electronics, left >
Applies to: fle02_l, fle02_r

Power supply, FLER frontal lights electronics, right >
Applies to: fle02_l, fle02_r

Power supply, headunit >

Power supply, Headā€Up Display HUD >
Applies to: P610 (BMW Head-Up Display), P610 (BMW Head-Up Display) P6U2 (BMW Live Cockpit Plus), P610 (BMW Head-Up Display) P6U3 (BMW Live Cockpit Professional)

Power supply, integrated chassis management (ICM) >

Power supply, intelligent cruise control (ACC) >

Power supply, LHML LED main light module, left >
Applies to: lhm2_l, lhm2_r

Power supply, LHMR LED main light module, right >
Applies to: lhm2_l, lhm2_r

Power supply, roof functions centre (FZD) >

Power supply, SMBF Front passenger's seat module >

Power supply, STML headlight driver module, left >
Applies to: tms3_l, tms3_r

Power supply, STMR headlight driver module, right >
Applies to: tms3_l, tms3_r

REM rear electronic module supply >

Supply DKG twin-clutch gearbox >

Supply GHAS regulated differential lock >

Supply REMABF reversible electromotive automatic reel, right >
Applies to: P5AL (Active Protection)

Supply REMAFA reversible electromotive automatic reel, left >
Applies to: P5AL (Active Protection)

Supply to EDC: Electronic Damper Control >

Supply to sound output >

Supply, ACSM Crash Safety Module >

Supply, AHM trailer module >
Applies to: P3AR (Rear-mounted rack preparation)

Supply, AMP amplifier >
Applies to: P676 (HiFi loudspeaker system), P677 (HiFi system Professional), P688 (Harman Kardon surround sound system), P752 (BMW Individual high-end audio system), P6F2 (Bang & Olufsen high-end surround sound system), P6F1 (Bowers & Wilkins Diamond surround sound system), P674 (HiFi loudspeaker system Harman Kardon), hu_mgu

Supply, camera-based driver support systems (KAFAS) >
Applies to: NOT P8TD (Decoding Speed Limit Info) P8TH (Speed Limit Info), P5AV (Active Guard), P5AD (Lane Departure Warning), P5AS (Driving Assistant), P5AT (Driving Assistant Plus)

Supply, DME engine electronics >

Supply, DSC Dynamic Stability Control >

Supply, FLA high-beam assistant >
Applies to: NOT kafas04 NOT kafas20 NOT kafasg11 P5AC (High-beam assistant)

Supply, GWS gear selector switch >

Supply, KOMBI instrument cluster >

Supply, parking manoeuvring assistant (PMA) >

Supply, TRSVC, all-round vision camera >

Supply, VM video module >

SWW lane change warning supply >

Touchbox power supply >
Applies to: HU-H, enavevo, entry, entrynav, P609 (Navigation system Professional) 2013/07+

Voltage supply for telecommunications >
Applies to: NOT ulf NOT ulf_60 NOT ulf_60pb

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