51 21 170Removing and installing/replacing the outer door handle of front door on the left or right

Lever out cover (1) and release screw underneath.Note:

Undo the screw only until the outer door handle is detached.

Pull out outer door handle (1) and feed out retaining plate (2).

Pull outer door handle (1) towards the rear and feed out.

If necessary, unlock associated plug connections and disconnect.

Remove outer door handle.


Connect plug connections.

Feed in outer door handle into front opening.

Use string (2) to pull lock actuation (1) outwards and hold in position.

Install outer door handle and insert correctly into lock actuator (1).

Pull out string (2).

Pull out outer door handle (1) slightly and feed in retaining plate (2).

Ensure gasket (3) is seated correctly.

Tighten bolt and mount cover (1).

Tightening torque 51 21 5AZ.

Carry out function check with door open!
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