64 51 001Cleaning evaporator

Special tools required:


For information on cleaning agent and rinsing again, refer to Service Information.

For information on spraying equipment, refer to Service Information Special Tools and Equipment.


When handling cleaning agent, observe following protective measures:

Wear protective rubber gloves and protective goggles.

If cleaning agent comes into contact with eyes or skin, wash immediately with lots of water.

To avoid dirtying vehicle interior:

  • Close all air vents
  • Heater ‐ A/C system must be switched to air recirculation function
  • Cover carpet in work area

Carry out the cleaning operation in a suitable washing bay as the emerging cleaning agent escapes through the drain openings in the transmission tunnel.


After completing cleaning, allow car to drip-dry for approx. 5 minutes.

Necessary preliminary tasks:

Release screw (1).

Remove left footwell air duct (2) in direction of arrow.

Installation note:

Make sure left footwell air duct (2) is correctly fitted on heating and air conditioning system (3).


Risk of damage!

A function check must be carried out before start of cleaning to prevent damage to special tool 64 1 280.

It must be possible to insert folding spray element (1) exactly in guide lug (2) so that special tool  64 1 280  can be guided out of heater without incurring damage.

Insert guide lug of special tool  64 1 280  into opening (1) of temperature sensor and leave it in this position.

Guide (1) must be correctly fitted in opening of outside temperature sensor (2).

Arrows (3) must point in direction of travel.

Move spray lance (1) to inside.

Release clamping bolt (2) and pull out guide wire (3) in order to position folding spray element vertically.

Connect spray lance (1) to spray pistol.

Apply cleaning agent uniformly to evaporator by carefully moving spray lance (1) back and forth.

After completion of cleaning and rinsing, slide spray lance (1) into centre of heater.

Release clamping bolt (2) and insert guide wire (3) in order to position folding spray element horizontally.

To do this, the heat-shrink tubing on guide wire (3) must be at clamping bolt holder.

In this position, secure guide wire (3) with clamping bolt (2).

The folding spray element can now be inserted exactly into the guide lug in order to remove special tool  64 1 280  carefully out of heater.


Set heating - A/C system to footwell ventilation and fresh-air mode. Open side windows/doors.

Start the vehicle and let the heating and air conditioning system run for at least 5 minutes at maximum blower output.

In order to eliminate the last remnants of cleaning agent, repeat this process shortly before handover to the customer.

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