64 51 002clean evaporator (automatic air conditioning)

Special tools required:


When handling cleaning agent, observe following protective measures:

Wear protective rubber gloves and protective goggles.

If cleaning agent comes into contact with eyes or skin, wash immediately with lots of water.

To avoid dirtying vehicle interior:

  • Close all air vents.
  • Switch heating and air-conditioning unit to air recirculation function.
  • Cover carpet in working area.
Carry out the cleaning operation in a suitable washing bay as the emerging cleaning agent escapes through the drain openings in the transmission tunnel.


For more notes on cleaning agent, refer to Service Information.

For more notes on spray pistol, refer to Service Information Special Tools/Equipment.


Ensure that the cleaning agent can flow away freely at the drain openings. If necessary, remove rear underbody protection.

Remove left side carpet.

Repeat repair only:

Remove sealing cap (1) from bore hole in housing of heating and air-conditioning unit (2).

Installation note:
Replace sealing cap.
First repair only:

To prevent swarf from gathering in housing of heating and air-conditioning unit:

Carry out drilling of each bore hole at a very low speed.

Pull out switched off drill together with swarf carefully out of bore holes.

Position drilling template 64 1 452 on housing of heating and air-conditioning unit (1) as illustrated and pre-drill with ∅ 6-mm drill.

Remove drilling template 64 1 452 . Drill out bore hole to ∅ 20 mm with quick-helix drill 64 1 453 .

Installation note:

Close off bore hole with sealing cap.

Attach guide for spray lance 64 1 454 in bore hole in housing heating and air-conditioning unit (1) as illustrated.
Connect positioning device for spray lance 64 1 455 on guide for spray lance 64 1 454 as illustrated and secure with knurled nut (1).
Insert spray lance 64 1 451 in direction of arrow and secure with mounting for spray lance 64 1 456 .

Connect spray lance 64 1 451 to spray pistol.

Apply cleaning agent uniformly to evaporator by carefully moving spray lance 64 1 451 back and forth.

For notes on cleaning agent and rinsing, refer to Service Information.


After completing cleaning, allow car to drip-dry for approx. 5 minutes.

Set heating and air-conditioning unit to footwell ventilation and fresh air mode. Open windows or doors.

Start the vehicle and run the heating and air conditioning unit at maximum blower output for approx. 5 minutes.


In order to eliminate the last remnants of cleaning agent, repeat this process shortly before handover to the customer.

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