64 51 001Cleaning evaporator

Special tools required:


When handling cleaning agent, observe following protective measures:

Wear protective rubber gloves and protective goggles.

If cleaning agent comes into contact with eyes or skin, wash immediately with lots of water.

To avoid dirtying vehicle interior:

  • Close all air vents.
  • Switch heating and air-conditioning unit to air recirculation function.
  • Cover carpet in working area.
Carry out the cleaning operation in a suitable washing bay as the emerging cleaning agent escapes through the drain openings in the transmission tunnel.


For more notes on the cleaning agent, see Service Information.

For more information on the spraying equipment, see Service Information on Special Tools/Equipment.


Ensure that the cleaning agent can flow away freely at the drain openings. If necessary, remove rear underbody protection.

Remove limit-position switch for air conditioning blower.

Close opening (A) of adapter for spraying lance  64 1 457 using seal plugs 64 1 458 .

Clip adapter for spraying lance 64 1 457 into opening of limit-position switch for air conditioning blower.

Installation note:

Make sure adapter for spraying lance 64 1 457 is correctly seated in guides (1).

Insert spraying lance 64 1 451 in direction of arrow and fasten with mounting for spraying lance 64 1 456 .

Connect spraying lance 64 1 451 with spray apparatus.

By moving the spraying lance 64 1 451 back and forth, uniformly apply the cleaning agent to the evaporator.

For information on cleaning agent and rinsing again, refer to Service Information.


After completing cleaning, allow car to drip-dry for approx. 5 minutes.

Set heating and air-conditioning unit to footwell ventilation and fresh air mode. Open windows or doors.

Start the vehicle and let the heating and air-conditioning unit run for at least 5 minutes at maximum blower output.


In order to eliminate the last remnants of cleaning agent, repeat this process shortly before handover to the customer.

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