64 51 001Cleaning evaporator

Special tools required:


When handling cleaning agent, observe following protective measures:

Wear protective rubber gloves and protective goggles.

If cleaning agent comes into contact with eyes or skin, wash immediately with lots of water.

Observe notes for handling cleaning agents.


For information on cleaning agent and rinsing again, refer to Service Information.

For spraying device, observe Service Information Spraying device for the air conditioning system.


Carry out the cleaning operation in a suitable washing bay as the emerging cleaning agent escapes through the drain openings in the transmission tunnel.


 Necessary preliminary work:

To avoid dirtying vehicle interior:

Open flap (1).

Insert special tool 2 413 653 into the microfilter housing (2) as shown.

Position special tool 2 413 653 up against the top right limit position as shown.

Move special tool 2 413 653 from right to left (1) to limit position.

Move special tool 2 413 653 back and forth until the A/C system cleaner has been completely sprayed.

After termination of the cleaning operation:
  1. Let the vehicle drip off for about 5 minutes.
  2. All vehicles: Install microfilter for the interior ventilation.
  3. Set air conditioning to footwell ventilation and fresh air mode. Open side windows/doors.
  4. Start the vehicle and let the air conditioning run for approx. 5 minutes at maximum blower output.
  5. F39, F4x, F5x: Install underbody protection.

    Install I01: stiffening plate.

  6. In order to eliminate last remnants of cleaning agent, repeat steps 3 and 4 before handover to the customer.
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