34 51 527Removing and installing/replacing DSC hydraulic unit

Necessary preliminary work:

Only with F80, F82:


Extract brake fluid out of expansion tank. Use a suction bottle used exclusively for drawing off brake fluid.

Do not reuse drawn out brake fluid.


After completing repair work:


Do not mix up brake lines.

If necessary, mark before removal.

Close off connecting bores with seal plugs.


Remove and/or loosen the following holders for better movement of brake lines!

Remove holder for brake lines (1).

Detach the brake lines (2) from the rubber grommet.

Detach brake line (1) from holder.

Disconnect plug connection (2).

Unfasten brake lines (3).

Installation note:

Tightening torque 34 32 1AZ.

Release screw (4) and feed out hydro aggregate in upward direction.


Brake lines must not be bent!

Installation note:

Tightening torque 34 51 5AZ.

When replacing hydraulic unit:

Release screws (1) and convert holder (2).

Installation note:

Tightening torque 34 51 4AZ.

Modify DSC control unit.

When replacing control unit:
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