26 11 051Replacing flexible disc for front propeller shaft

Special tools required:

Necessary preliminary work:

To protect universal joints, tie back propeller shaft in area of centre mount.

Release screws and remove flexible disc (1) from propeller shaft.

Tightening torque and angle of rotation 26 11 2AZ.


Replace ZNS screw and self-locking nuts.


On the F06, F10, F12, F13 - S63 a silicone flexible disc is installed instead of the conventional rubber part flexible disc.

Installation note:
  • During installation arrows (2) on circumference of flexible disc must point to flange arms (3).


An aluminium flexible disc (EGG flexible constant velocity joint) (1) can also be installed instead of the conventional rubber part flexible disc (2).

The aluminium flexible disc (1) must be replaced with a rubber part flexible disc (2)!

Also refer to the Electronic Parts Catalogue.


When changing the aluminium flexible disc to the rubber part flexible disc, the protrusion (dimension A) of the centring sleeve (1) must be adjusted without fail.

Non-observance leads to damage to the propeller shaft!

Protrusion dimension (A) = 4 mm

Drive in centring sleeve, see the following operation!

Carefully drive centring sleeve (1) with special tool 11 2 030 and 00 5 500 into the propeller shaft to dimension (A).
Installation note:

Check centring.

Replace damaged centring mount.

Grease centring mount.

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