61 21 010Remove and install or replace battery

Observe safety informations for handling vehicle battery.

To ensure the correct safety and convenience functions, install only the original battery (battery size and type) stored in the vehicle order. Observe note on battery replacement.
Necessary preliminary work:


Work shown on the F30 by way of example, deviations in detail are possible in other models.

Fold up cover (1) on safety battery terminal (2).

Loosen nut (3).

Tightening torque 61 21 1AZ.


Nut (4) must not be loosened or released.

Do not under any circumstances pull/lever off safety battery terminal (2) by force.

Pull off safety battery terminal (2) towards top, lay to one side and secure.

Release screws (1).

Tightening torque 61 21 5AZ.

Remove retaining brackets (2).

Detach vent hose (3) from vehicle battery (4).

Danger due to released gases!

Installation note:

The battery has two vent holes:

  • One vent hole (1) must be closed correctly with a dummy plug.
  • The vent hose (3) must be connected correctly at the other vent hole (2) .

Always install the vent hose (3) with a downhill gradient to the outside!

No siphon formation!

Release screw (1) and remove battery holder (2).

Tightening torque 61 21 5AZ

Remove battery.


Installation note:

Make sure battery is correctly seated in mounting.

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