17 00 008Draining and adding coolant (B47)

Special tools required:


Risk of scalding!

Only carry out repair work on the cooling system when the engine has cooled down.


Lifetime coolant filling:

Never reuse used coolant!

When replacing and removing components which rely on the corrosion protection effect of the coolant, it is essential to change the coolant. The cooling system must therefore be drained and refilled.

In the case of other removal work involving the draining of part quantities of coolant, replace these quantities which have been drained with new coolant.

Installation note:

Use only recommended coolant.

Observe mixture ratio.

Protective measures/rules of conduct:
  • Wear safety goggles
  • Wear protective gloves
  • Observe national/country-specific regulations
For dirt contamination of the cooling system (e.g. by engine oil), the cooling system must be rinsed with water until all dirt contamination is removed!


Risk of skidding due to coolant on the floor.

Danger of injury!

Catch and dispose of drained coolant in drip tray (1) and if necessary special tool 00 2 030 (universal hydraulic lifting equipment).Recycling:

Observe country-specific waste disposal regulations.

Necessary preliminary tasks:

Draining coolant:

Open sealing cap on coolant expansion tank.

Release and detach coolant hoses (1) at radiator .

Drain, catch and dispose of coolant.

Adding coolant:

Use only recommended coolant.

Observe mixture ratio.

Observe capacities.

Fill and vent cooling system.

Observe bleeding instructions without fail.

Required reworking:

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