51 45 030Removing and installing instrument panel trim


Risk of damage!

A hard disk is installed in the Car Information Computer (CIC).

Carry out mechanical work on the CIC and adjacent components with care.

Avoid subjecting the CIC to vibrations.

When working on trim panel components, make sure that visible surfaces are not scratched or damaged (e.g. by sharp-edged tools).
Necessary preliminary tasks:


Shown removed here for purposes of clarity. Wiring harness is therefore not included in graphic.

Detach plug connection (1) of front passenger airbag module (2).

(Observe notes regarding Airbag plug connections).

Release and disconnect plug connection at light operating facility.

Release screws (1) on dashboard (2).

Tightening torque 51 45 7AZ.

Remove dashboard (2) with the aid of an assistant and unthread all electrical lines.

Installation note:

Screw dashboard (2) in place from the middle to the outside.

Make sure all electrical lines are correctly routed.

Graphic is only an example.
Installation note:

Make sure guides (1) on dashboard (2) are correctly seated in respective mountings of the bulkhead.

Make sure gaskets are correctly seated on air ducts.

Correctly insert foam-padded part of dashboard (2) in centre and install.

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