31 21 180Replace the front wheel bearing

Necessary preliminary tasks:

If necessary, remove visual protection cap (1).
Installation note:

Due to corrosion problems, do not install the visual protection cap (1) again!

Instead, lightly grease the wheel hubs in area (1)!

Release collar bolt (1), press brake pedal to floor for this purpose.

Tightening torque 31 60 2AZ.

Installation note:
  • Renew collar bolt (1) and compression spring (2).
  • Pay attention to installation position of compression spring (2).
  • Keep collar bolt and spur toothing of bearing/propeller shaft clean and free of grease
  • Follow installation note of the spur gearing.

Remove brake disc.Note:
  • Check brake pad and replace if necessary!

Press output shaft on swivel bearing to one side slightly and release screws (1).

Tightening torque 31 21 1AZ.

Remove bearing.

Installation note:
  • Renew screws.
  • Keep contact surface (2) of wheel bearing and swivel bearing clean and free from grease.


Note on installation for spur gearing must be observed without fail!


Installation note:
  • Spur gearing of bearing (1) and output shaft (2) must be installed form-fit (tooth in tooth)!
  • Tighten collar bolt and compression spring by hand.
  • Check whether spur gearing is locked tooth in tooth by reciprocally rotating wheel hub/output shaft.
  • Once a form-fit has been ensured, tighten to final torque.

    Tightening torque 31 60 2AZ.

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