11 31 052Replacing both timing chains (B47D)

Special tools required:

Necessary preliminary tasks:

Remove drive chain (1) for oil pump.

Remove camshaft timing chain (1).

Remove tensioning rail (2) from bearing journal (3).


Bearing journal (3) does not have to be removed.

The crankshaft must be blocked in order to release central bolt (1) of the high pressure pump.

Position crankshaft with guide pin. Fix special tool 2 357 904 with screw (2) in position at the crankcase.

Release central bolt (1) of high pressure pump.


Merely loosen central bolt (1), do not remove.

Screw special tool11 8 030 into sprocket of high pressure pump.

Unscrew central bolt (1) of high pressure pump so far that central bolt can rest on special tool 11 8 030 .

Keep turning the central bolt (1) until the sprocket has come loose from the high pressure pump shaft.

Press chain tensioner in with tensioning rail (1) by hand in the direction of the arrow until the special tool 11 4 120 can be positioned.

Unfasten screws (2). Remove chain tensioner.

Undo both bearing journals (1).

Remove guide rail (2).

Release bearing journal (4).

Remove tensioning rail (3).

Remove screw and camshaft sprocket (1) for high pressure pump.

Release screw (2) and remove special tool 2 357 904 .

Remove timing chain (1).


Graphic B48.


Fit timing chain (1).

Position crankshaft with special tool 2 357 904 .

Fix special tool 2 357 904 with screw (2) in position at the crankcase.


Graphic B48.

Pay attention to spline groove on high pressure pump (1).
Mark on crankcase and groove on high pressure pump must be in line.
Spline and mark on pinion are on a single plane.

Position the impeller with timing chain on the high pressure pump.

Insert central bolt (1) of high pressure pump.

Mark and cast lug must be in line.


Clean all the threads of the bearing journals (if necessary with screw tap).

Parts: Replace bearing journals.

Position guide rail (2).

Screw in both bearing journals (1).

Tightening torque: 11 11 6AZ.

Position tensioning rail (3).

Screw in bearing journals (4).

Tightening torque: 11 11 6AZ.

Clean sealing surfaces (1) with compressed air.

Install hydraulic chain tensioner. Tighten down screws (2).

Tightening torque: 13 52 1AZ.

Remove special tool 11 4 120 .


Crankshaft must remain blocked to fasten central bolt (1) of high pressure pump.

Parts: Replace central bolt (1).

Tighten central bolt (1) of high pressure pump.

Tightening torque: 13 52 2AZ.

Install tensioning rail (2) with timing chain (1) for camshafts.
Mount drive chain (1) for oil pump on crankshaft.
Required follow-up work:
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