33 11 021Replacing radial shaft seal for input flange of rear axle differential

Special tools required:

  • 0 495 552
  • 0 495 554
  • 0 495 553
  • 0 495 595
  • 2 456 244

Use only approved gearbox oils.

Failure to comply with this instruction will result in serious damage to the rear axle final drive!

Necessary preliminary work:
  • Remove propeller shaft on rear axle final drive.
    • Disconnect propeller shaft at rear axle differential.
    • Release centre mount.
    • Tie up propeller shaft to underbody.


      Bending the propeller shaft by an excessive angle can cause premature damage to the joint/propeller shaft!

Remove the mounting clip (1) and recessed nut (2) including seal.
Mark position of flange nut (1) to bevel pinion (2).

Warm up flange nut (1) using a hot air blower.

Attention: Do not heat beyond the dimension required to open the nut! Do not use naked flames (e.g. welders) to heat up the component!

Release flange nut (1) with the special tools 0 495 552 and 0 495 554 in the direction of the arrow. Use a 500-Nm torque wrench and the correct special tool, either 0 495 553 , 0 495 595 or 2 456 244 , to counter hold the bevel pinion.


Since the flange nut (1) has a very high release torque, the torque wrench must be set to the maximum scale value (500 Nm) to avoid damaging the inner resting functional elements!

Pull out radial shaft seal with special tool  00 5 010 .
Drive in new radial shaft seal with the following special tools (depending on  rear axle differential) up to limit position.
Clean bevel pinion thoroughly to remove remnants of screw locking agent.
Check dust plate for damage, replace if necessary.Attention!

Clean flange nut thoroughly to remove remnants of grease and screw locking agent.

Pack collar insert (1) of flange nut with grease.

Apply a thin coating of grease to shaded area (2) of flange nut.

Coat at least four thread turns of the flange nut with "Drei Bond adhesive type 1385".

In order to avoid damaging the rear axle final drive, do not under any circumstances tighten down the flange nut (1) beyond the marker point of the bevel pinion (2).

Insert the recessed nut (2) including seal into the flange nut.

Introduce retaining clip (1).

After installation:
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