Wheels, radial force variation

Repair instructions for checking the wheels

Check with a "HUNTER GSP97BMW" type balancing machine.


Flat spots can negatively affect the check.
  • To avoid flat spots, check the wheels straight after the assessment drive
  • If leaving the vehicle stationary for an extended period (e.g. overnight) is unavoidable, if necessary raise the vehicle after the assessment drive on a vehicle hoist to relieve the load on the wheels

Carry out following check:

Measure the radial force variation of the wheels and the radial runout of the rims.

Note: Observe the diagnostic functions of the balancing machine.

The following setpoint values must be achieved:

  • "Radial 1st harmonic" less than 80 N
  • "Radial {T.I.R.}" (value peak to peak) less than 120 N

Repair instructions:

  • If necessary, turn the tyre on the rim (matching)
  • Replace rims whose radial runout is outside the tolerance (see Technical data)
  • Balance wheels
  • Then re-evaluate the vehicle
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