32 00 ...Additional work for camber correction

The camber adjustment is performed only with the replacement of the swivel bearing. There are 3 different swivel bearings for this!
Changes in axle geometry caused by accidents must under no circumstances be rectified by camber adjustment!

The swivel bearing may only be replaced if the camber is outside the specified tolerance after toe adjustment.
Necessary preliminary work:
Adjust toe-in.

Check camber values; if necessary, replace swivel bearing with over‐ or under-dimension variant.Note:

Camber correction swivel bearings can only be identified from the BMW part number (1).

See also the BMW spare parts catalogue!

Version BMW part number
Standard 2 284 001/ 002
+ 30' 7 853 637/ 638
- 30' 7 853 639/ 640

These camber correction swivel bearings are used to correct the camber values by 30 min. To be used only if the tolerance values are exceeded or undershot!

After Installation note:
  • Check directional stability of car; if necessary, repeat toe-in adjustment
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