11 03 04 (156)

BMW Quality Longlife-04



The launch of the E90 and E87 with diesel particulate filter, makes a new engine oil BMW Longlife-04 absolutely essential. The function of the diesel particulate filter and low fuel consumption can only be guaranteed for the vehicle's entire service life if BMW Longlife-04 engine oil is used.


A new type of additive in the engine oil means that less ash is formed during combustion and thus prevents the diesel particulate filter from becoming blocked with ash deposits.

Affected vehicles:

This engine oil is unambiguously specified for diesel engines with diesel particulate filter. However, it also satisfies the requirements of spark-ignition engines. Longlife-04 engine oil specifications include the requirements of Longlife-01 and Longlife-98.

Longlife-04 oils are only approved for spark-ignition engines in Europe (EU plus Switzerland, Norway and Liechtenstein). They must not be used outside this area.


For further information, please refer to BMW Operating Fluids Service Information bulletin ”Specified engine oils for BMW Group engines”  (Enclosure 3) .
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