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The CBS maintenance jobs can be reset in the car. It is always recommended to reset the CBS jobs via the diagnosis system. It is only possible to code the statutory intervals specific to individual countries with the diagnosis system.

CBS reset with diagnosis system Attention!

To be able to check and/or correct the car's on-board date properly, the diagnosis system requires the correctly set tester system date!

The jobs may only be reset after the service measure has been completed.

The brake pads can only be reset with a new brake pad wear sensor.

The CBS jobs can be reset via the diagnosis system on the following path:
  • Start diagnosis
  • Carry out vehicle identification
  • Function selection
  • Service functions
  • Maintenance
  • CBS reset

CBS reset in the car

On the vehicle, service operations can be reset at the instrument panel.


A reset is only possible in the car if:

  • there is no Check Control message
  • availability of the service job is under 90 %
  • on-board date must be correctly set

Resetting of a service job must always be carried out after a maintenance measure has been completed.

The resetting process is interrupted it the time is exceeded or if a terminal is changed.


If engine oil and vehicle check are reset at the same time, always reset engine oil first.

Switch the ignition on.

Press the trip distance recorder reset button (1) (referred to as button in the following) for approx. 10 seconds until the 1st service job appears in the display (2).

Bring up the next item by briefly pressing the button again. Select the desired service job.

If a reset is possible, this is displayed in the instrument panel as ”Reset executable” (1).

Start the reset by pressing the button for 3 seconds.

Confirm text message ”Execute reset?” (1) by pressing the button for 3 seconds again.
The status of the reset is indicated in the display by a progress bar and in text as ”Reset running” (1).
The reset is confirmed after completion as ”Reset successful” (1).

CBS reset of inspections/tests required by law

The input of the target date for the statutory deadlines (vehicle inspection/exhaust-gas test) is done by clicking on the scope with the controller in the CBS menu of the control display under:

  • Select main menu and press controller
  • Select vehicle information and press controller
  • Select vehicle status and press controller
  • Select Service requirements and press controller
  • Select vehicle inspection and press controller
  • Select Schedule date for service and press controller
  • The target month or the target year can be set and acknowledged by turning and pressing
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