11 61 368Removing and installing/replacing rear left charge-air duct (N54)

Necessary preliminary tasks:

Only when replacing the charge air duct!

There is one less blow-off valve for the charge air duct. Therefore, the air duct, too, must be replaced with two blow-off valves.

Conversion of the charge air duct is described at the end of the instructions.

Unlock snap fastener (1).

Unclip vacuum hose (2) and lay to one side.

Disconnect plug connection (3).

Installation note:

plug connection (3) must snap audibly into place!

Unfasten hose clamp (2).

Tightening torque 11 61 3AZ.

Detach rear charge-air duct with gaiter (1) from front charge-air duct (3).


Risk of breakage!

Bracket (1) of charge-air duct (3) may break during removal.

Carefully lever out bracket (1) with a suitable tool in upward direction.

Detach charge-air duct (3) from intake plenum connection (2) and remove in upward direction.

Installation note:

The gasket inside the snap fastener and bracket (1) must be coated with lubricant.

Charge-air duct (3) must snap audibly into place!

Only when replacing the charge air duct!

If the charge air duct (1) is renewed, the Y-pipe (3) must be renewed with two blow-off valves (2). The vacuum hoses must be adapted.

Install the charge air duct (1) with a connection for the blow-off valve.

Install the blow-off pipe (2) with a blow-off valve. A vacuum line with a T-piece is no longer needed. Instead, install a new vacuum line (3) between the blow-off valve and the electric changeover valve or intake plenum.

Assemble engine.
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