32 13 071Replace electrical steering box (EPS)

Only for hybrid cars:Warning!

The following points must be strictly observed prior to starting work:


Connecting line:

In the event of moisture/corrosion inside the two plug connections, check the insulation of the connecting line. If the insulation reveals any noticeable/striking features, partial replacement will be necessary. Otherwise it will be sufficient to replace the contacts or connector housing.

In a warranty case you must always provide a fault memory printout, even where there is no fault entry, with the defective part.
Necessary preliminary tasks:

Unfasten plug connection (1) and disconnect.

Release screws (1).

Tightening torque 32 00 4AZ.

Lay holder (2) with wiring to one side.

Release screws (1) and tie anti-roll bar (2) to front axle support.

Tightening torque 31 35 1AZ.

Release screws (1).

Tightening torque 32 00 1AZ

Installation note:

Renew screws.


Risk of damage!

Plug connection (1) on steering box must not be damaged when removing.

Remove steering box with wiring harness downward.
Installation note:
Remount track rod end on left and right.
After installation:
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