Telematic Communication Box

Telematic Communication Box (TCB)

The Telematic Communication Box (TCB) is a control unit for telephone functions and telematics service. The control unit is one of the platforms for the functions of BMW ConnectedDrive. The focus of BMW ConnectedDrive is the intelligent networking of the driver with his vehicle and his surroundings.

The TCB control unit can establish a connection to the GSM and UMTS networks using a Net Access Device (NAD).

Functional description


The installation location of the Telematic Communication Box (TCB) is dependent on the series and production date! Observe installation location by means of the wiring diagram!

During the installation of a Headunit High (HU-H) a Telematic Communication Box (TCB) is also always installed. The Headunit High can convert telephone functions and telematics services via USB interface.

The BMW Professional telematics function comprises the following functions:

  • Enhanced emergency call
  • BMW Assist (information service)
  • BMW Online
  • BMW Mobile Office (e-mail and calendar)
  • BMW AppCenter
  • BMW Remote Access Service
  • Manual BMW TeleServices call
  • Automatic BMW TeleServices call
  • BMW TeleServices diagnosis including BMW TeleServices help
  • BMW TeleServices call* Integration in Check Control message
  • BMW Teleservice Report
  • BMW Teleservice Battery Guard
  • BMW Teleservice Update

Also see functional description: BMW Professional telematics

Item Explanation Item Explanation
A Front B Rear
1 Cover of battery compartment 2 Telematic Communication Box (TCB)
3 26‐pin plug connection 4 USB interface
5 Emergency battery 6 Connection for GSM aerial (for telematics services) and connection for emergency GSM aerial


Starting on 03/2013 there will be an additional connection for the GPS on the Telematic Communication Box (TCB).

Structure and inner electrical connection

The Telematic Communication Box (TCB) is connected to the vehicle electrical system by means of a 26-pin plug connection. In this, the bus connection is produced via the K-CAN2.

The TCB consists of 2 printed circuit boards. All interfaces to the vehicle and voltage supply and also CAN data line are located on the so-called main board. The 2nd printed circuit board is the Net Access Device. The connection to the aerials in the vehicle is thereby established. Both printed circuit boards are connected via 40-pin multi-pin connector.

The power distribution box in the junction box supplies the TCB control unit with terminal 30F.

Item Explanation
1 Telematic Communication Box (TCB)

Pin assignments

The graphic above shows only the supply and bus connection. The current pin assignment is recorded on the wiring diagrams in the ISTA diagnosis system (Integrated Service Technical Application). Click on the component code in the wiring diagram to activate the "Installation location" and "Pin assignment" tabs.

Nominal values

Observe the following setpoint values for the Telematic Communication Box (TCB):
Variable Value
Supply voltage 9 to 16 V
Temperature range -40 to 85 °C

Diagnosis instructions

Failure of the component

If communication to the Telematic Communication Box (TCB) fails, perform the standard checks (global testing procedure).

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