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Final drive oil - changed oil quality for M3 (E9xM) and 1-Series  M Coupé (E82M)


Effective immediately, only final drive oil SAF-XJ (BMW part number 2 282 583) is approved for M models M3 (E9xM) and 1-Series M Coupé (E82M) .

Vehicles concerned:

M3 (E90, E92, E93)

1-Series M Coupé (E82M)


Oil grade SAF-XJ (BMW part number 2 282 583) is to be used for every oil change in the rear axle differential.

The oil filling quantity in the rear axle differential is 1.1 litres.

The final drive oils currently approved by BMW can be viewed in the current ISTA version (operating materials - main group 33).


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