17 00 039Venting cooling system and checking for water leaks (S65)


Danger of scalding!

Open sealing cap only after engine has cooled down.

Only when refilling! Important!

Do not fill coolant expansion tank over MAX level as overfilling will cause the coolant to overflow. This may give rise to traces of residual coolant on the expansion tank or in the engine compartment and wrongly suggest possible leakages.

Only when refilling!

Use only recommended coolant.

Perform filling operation slowly.

Adjust coolant level to MAX.

Close coolant expansion tank.Installation:

Close cap (1) until the arrow marks line up.

The following venting procedure is necessary e.g. when a part is replaced in the cooling system or when the cooling system is refilled.

Only when filling!
  • Perform filling operation slowly.
  • Set heater to maximum temperature and turn fan down to lowest speed.
  • Start engine and run at idle speed.
  • Fill coolant expansion tank with 250 ml above max. (250 ml correspond to A=18 mm).
  • Run engine for 15 mins.
  • Cooling system vents itself.
  • Coolant level must drop to marking.
  • If necessary, correct coolant level.
  • Close cap on expansion tank.
If necessary, check cooling system for water leaks.
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