31 31 003Removing and installing complete front left or right spring strut (AWD)

Special tools required:


If the centring pin is missing from the support bearing, the position of the threaded bolts to the wheel arch must be marked so that the original camber is approximately maintained.

Only one nut may ever be released for marking.

Installation note:
  1. All screws, nuts, bolts and hose clamps removed during the repair must be replaced.
  2. Retaining elements on chassis and suspension and steering parts must be replaced.

Necessary preliminary tasks:


Danger of injury!

Failure to comply with the following instructions may result in the vehicle slipping off the lifting platform and critically injuring other persons.


When supporting components, make sure that

  • the vehicle can no longer be raised or lowered
  • the vehicle does not lift off the locating plates on the lifting platform

Secure special tool  31 5 220 with wheel studs to drive flange and support swivel bearing with workshop jack.

Unclip line for brake pad sensor on swivel bearing.

Release nut, remove holder (2) and remove screw (1).

Installation note:

Screw head must point in direction of travel.

Replace self-locking nut.

Tightening torque 31 31 3AZ.


Risk of damage!

When the swivel bearing is lowered, the tripod (2) can be pulled out of the joint housing (1) and fall into the gaiter (3). In this event, it will be necessary to install a new output shaft because the tripod (2) can jam or a roller of the tripod (2) can slip off the moulding. The roller would then be located in the gaiter (3) or bellows and result in rapid failure.

Expand swivel bearing with special tool  31 2 230 .

Carefully lower swivel bearing.

Installation note:

Keep press fit of swivel gearing and spring strut in lower area clean and free from oil and grease.

Installation note:
Expand swivel bearing with special tool  31 2 230 align by way of gap to positioning pins (1) on back of spring strut and raise up to stop.

Centring pin missing: Make position of threaded bolt in relation to wheel arch.

Secure spring strut against falling out.

Unscrew nuts (1).

Remove spring strut downwards out of wheel arch.

Installation note:

Clean contact surface in spring strut dome.

Align spring strut using centring pin to bore in wheel arch or stud bolts to the marks in wheel arch and push upwards.

Replace self-locking nuts.

Tightening torque 31 31 1AZ.


Replace faulty sealing washer (1).

Reinstall sealing washer (1) and plate insert (2).

After installation:
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