Instrument cluster system test

System test

The system test permits simple, visual assessment of the functions in the instrument cluster:

- Pointer instruments
- Displays
- Backlighting of all displays
- Warning and indicator lamps

Selecting system test function:

The system test can be started at terminal R (radio position), terminal 15 ”ON” (ignition ”ON”),vehicle and engine stopped. The system test can be started in different ways:

- by means of ”Component activation” with a diagnosis telegram
- by calling up the test function 02 (system test).

The system test is started via the test function 02. This test function is not locked. The test functions are started by pressing the button in the instrument cluster (trip recorder reset button. Keep the button pressed for longer than 10 seconds. The display now contains

Identification: 01
System test: 02

Each brief additional press of the button increases the selected test function number. Pressing the button runs the displayed test function (system test 02).

The elements activated are:

- All pointer instruments
- All LC displays with a segment test and their background lighting
- All indicator and warning lamps
- Variable indicator lamp (check control symbols)
- Gearbox program / gear display
- Turn signal indicators
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