61 11 ...Installing the repair cable for the positive battery cable of the power distribution box

Special tools required:

The repair instructions describe the installation of repair cables for positive battery terminal (BMW Group Parts Department 9 312 133).
The repair instructions apply only to connected contacts!

Read and comply with notes on handling wiring harnesses and wiring!

Read and comply with notes on crimping stops!


Necessary preliminary work:

Remove glove box.

Work is shown on the E90 by way of example.

There may be differences in detail in the case of other vehicle types and equipment specifications.

Disconnect plug connection (1).

Release the wiring harness mounting (2) from the power distribution box (6).

Loosen screws (3).


Risk of damage!

Fold the power distribution box (6) forward. Feed positive battery cable (4) out of holder (5) in the direction of the arrow.

Disconnect the positive battery cable (2).

Extra plug connections (1) on the back of the power distribution box (3) must not be detached.

Open retaining straps (1). Pull out positive battery cable (2) as far as possible.
Predrill both bridges (2) of the power distribution box (1) at the area marked with an arrow with a 2 mm drill. Then drill through with a 5 mm drill.
  1. Measure a 15 cm length as shown and mark on the positive battery cable (1).
  2. Cut off the positive battery cable (1) at the marked location with special tool 2 337 974 .
  3. At the cut-off end of the positive battery cable (1), measure and mark 2 cm.
  4. Carefully strip insulation off of the positive battery cable (1) at the marked location with special tool 2 337 974 .
Do not damage the strands during stripping!
  1. Attach heat-shrink tubing (1) to positive battery cable. Insert the positive battery cable in special tool 2 339 646  as shown.

    (Pliers 2 339 646 , die plate 2 339 647 )

  2. Position the contact (2) as shown.
  3. Close the special tool. Turn the screw plug (3) counter-clockwise and move it to the position shown.

Crimp the vehicle-side positive battery cable (2) and the repair positive battery cable (1) using the special tool 2 339 646 .

(Pliers 2 339 646 , die plate 2 339 647 )

After crimping, copper wires of the vehicle-side positive battery cable (2) must be visible in the opening (3).

Pliers 2 339 646 must be operated approx. 20 times during the crimping process.

Crimping process is complete when pliers 2 339 646 automatically open.

  1. Centrally measure and mark distance = 10 cm as shown.
  2. Position the heat-shrink tubing (2) over the crimping location so that mark (3) is must barely visible.
  3. Shrink the heat-shrink tubing (2) with hot air blower 0 444 131 .

    (Heat shrink temperature 400 °C)

  4. After shrinking, adhesive (4) must emerge from both sides of the heat-shrink tubing (2).

Risk of damage!

It is imperative that you use a heat-shrink tubing reflector (1).

Connect the connector contact of repair positive battery cable (3) to power distribution box (1) by pressing bolt (2) all the way to the limit position.

Tighten screw (2). Tightening torque: 1,0 Nm

While tightening bolt (2), continue pushing down the connector contact.

After tightening, bolt (2) must be flush with the connector contact.

Separate the connector contact if bolt (2) has already been tightened:

Loosen bolt (2) by approx. 4 rotations. Using a suitable object, strike bolt (2) lightly to release the connector contact.

Remove the connector contact from power distribution box (1).

Fasten the repair positive battery cable (3) on the power distribution box (1) at the location indicated by the arrow using a cable strap (4).

Mount the cap (1) flush.

If cap (1) cannot be flush-mounted, the connector contact below it is not mounted correctly.

In this case, release the connector contact as described in the previous operation and connect it again.

Fasten the positive battery cable (1) at locations (2).
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