51 12 156Removing and installing rear bumper trim panel


The right side is removed in the same way as the left side.

Shown here with removed wheel for a better overview.

Release screws (1) on bumper trim (2) (number of screws varies, depending on engine version).

Loosen screws (1) on wheel arch panel (3).

Fold wheel arch panel (3) slightly to the side.

Loosen vertically mounted bolts (2) located inside behind it from the bumper trim.

Repeat the work step on the right.


Proceed with special caution due to a risk of damage to the retaining tabs (3).

Pre-treat the zero gap in area (1) left and right with universal lubricate spray (sourcing reference BMW Parts Department). Immediately wipe off any excess universal lubricant spray (sourcing reference BMW Parts Department). Heating with hot air blower or IR radiator, etc., is not permitted.

Carefully unclip retaining tabs (3) from the left and right bumper trim (2) outward.


First, ensure that the right and left retaining tabs (3) have been unclipped and then pull the bumper trim (2) to the rear (direction of arrow).

Slightly pull the bumper trim (2) back with an assistant to disconnect the plug connections on license plate lamps and reversing sensors, if available.

Completely remove bumper trim panel (2).

Installation note:

Visually inspect the gap dimensions after installing the bumper trim panel (2).

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