54 37 290Hardtop emergency opening

Special tools required:

Necessary preliminary tasks:

Roofliner for roof shell at rear can not be removed without sustaining damage.

Always perform the emergency opening procedure with the aid of an assistant.

Only move the soft top manually when the ignition is switched off.

Danger of damage to hydraulic valves.

The applied force must always be even on the left and right otherwise the linkage will bend.

Always execute all movements of the roof module with the assistance of a second person.

Danger of injury by trapping!

Step 1: Open rear roof shell

Open tailgate.

Remove foam cover.

Open screws on hydraulic unit 1.5 turns.


System is now depressurised and can be moved manually.

Insert special tool 54 0 320 in soft top linkage and unlock rear roof shell on left and right.
Evenly lift up rear roof shell with an assistant and set down on front roof shell.

Step 2: Open cowl panel lock

Slide open retaining clip (1) and unclip ball head.


Risk of damage!

Secure control rod on left and right with cable strap to prevent them hanging down and rattling.

Unlock retaining hook (1) on left and right.

Step 3: Open rear module lock

Open tailgate.

Insert special tool 54 0 330 at rear left and right between soft top compartment lid frame and side wall.

Feed in tip of special tool through bore hole.

Bore hole is visible from direction of special tool with a torch.
Tip of special tool 54 0 330 must butt against joint for hydraulic cylinder (1).
For the ideal pressure point of special tool on joint, proceed as follows:
  1. Press outwards
  2. Pull tool upwards
  3. Press tool to unlock soft top compartment lid latch
Open rear module.Important!

Rear module can tip.

Have an assistant support the rear module.

Evenly lift up roof module (2) with an assistant and set down in vehicle.


Only grasp the front roof shell when raising the roof shells.

Close rear module.


The soft top must not be moved any further after emergency opening.

Move the vehicle as little as possible to prevent vibrations.

Roof shells which are not locked may cause irreparable damage.

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