32 31 ...Optimisation of electro-steering


Steering parts are safety-relevant parts!

Incorrectly performed work can lead to serious accidents!



This optimisation is intended to prevent the unfavourable conditions causing the stiff movement.

Only for vehicles from 02/2003 to 03/2006

Necessary preliminary tasks:

Mark (1) between eccentric (2) and electrical servo unit (3).

Use a caliper gauge to apply a second mark (1) on the eccentric at an offset parallel to distance (A)!

Dimension A = 5 mm

Slacken screws (1)

Rotate eccentric (1) clockwise so that second mark (2) on eccentric matches up with original mark on the servo unit!

Tighten screws!

Tightening torque: 30 Nm

After installation:

The steering functions must be tested during a test drive:

  • Operation forces
  • Return movement
  • Play
  • Noise
  • Warning light

Read out fault memory after test drive. Fault memory must be empty!

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