32 00 610Adjusting toe-in and camber on front axle

Special tools required:

Changes in axle geometry caused by accidents must under no circumstances be rectified by camber adjustment!


Camber and toe-in influence each other. Adjust the toe-in first in order to simplify the adjustment procedure.

The centring pin may only be driven out or unscrewed if the camber is outside the specified tolerance after toe adjustment.

Version with active front steering:

Version without active steering:

Move steering into straight-ahead driving position by means of markings on cap (1) and steering box (2).

Align steering wheel and secure with steering wheel arrester.

Adjust toe-in:

Clean thread on track rod.

Loosen screw (2).

Turn track rod (3) to adjust toe-in to setpoint value, if necessary counterhold track rod end (1).

Tighten screw (2).

Tightening torque 32 21 2AZ.

If necessary, correct installation position of gaiter.

Adjusting camber:

Remove the tension strut for the spring strut dome.

Remove protective cap.

Screw out / drive out the centring pin (1).

Clean the wheel arch from the bottom in the area of the support bearing using compressed air.

Slacken nut (2).

Insert special tool 32 3 140 in the opening in the wheel arch.


While doing so, the spindle 32 3 146 (3) must be aligned such that the short end of the guide sleeve points to the top.


Screw the knurled nut 32 3 147 onto the stud bolt.

Renew nuts (1) and screw on up to the unit, do not tighten.

Twist the nut (2) of special tool 32 3 140 to adjust the camber to the setpoint value.

Tighten down nuts (1).

Tightening torque 31 31 1AZ.

Remove special tool 32 3 140 .

Renew nut (1) and tighten.

Tightening torque 31 31 1AZ.

After Installation note:
  • Check directional stability of car; if necessary, repeat toe-in adjustment
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