54 10 175Removing and installing rear glass slide/tilt sunroof cover


The following steps can be carried out inside the vehicle with the glass roof panel fully closed.

Open floating roofliner fully.

Make sure that grease at the ends of the rail do not come into contact with the roofliner.


Not necessary for replacement:

Before removing the Torx screws, make a mark around the washers in order to ensure correct alignment during installation.

  • Microencapsulated screws (Loctite) must be replaced and may not be reused
  • Screw connection must be completed within 20 minutes (start of curing)
  • Microencapsulated screws must not be retightened
  • Clean thread of nut beforehand in event of repeated use

Release Torx screws (1).Important!

Secure screws against falling out.

If necessary, remove screw from guide rail.


Insert new Torx screws with Loctite and align washers to markings.

Tightening torque  54 12 01AZ .


A second person is required to help in removing and installing the glass slide/tilt sunroof lid!

Lift out glass slide/tilt sunroof cover (1).Installation:

Tape off complete edge area at roof aperture with fabric adhesive tape (risk of damage).

Install glass slide/tilt sunroof cover carefully (twist in) as seal can be damaged during installation.

Check glass slide/tilt sunroof cover for correct alignment and adjust if necessary.

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