Electric coolant pump

The electric coolant pump is self-diagnosable. It automatically detects e.g. whether the impeller is turning.

The pump can diagnose the following faults:

  • Speed deviation
  • Stiff movement or block by e.g. foreign bodies
  • Incorrect mixture ratio coolant/water
  • Air in the cooling system
  • External start with 24 V battery

The electric coolant pump ensures engine cooling in line with requirements. However, for perfect functioning, the following points must be observed:

Assembly and mounting of the pump

During assembly work, care must be taken to ensure that the pump does not run dry. If the coolant pump runs dry, it can be damaged and the pump might fail later.

If the pump is removed, it must be filled with coolant before being placed aside. Otherwise, the bearing points of the pump could stick. When fitted later, this could endanger the pump start-up and thus disable the entire heat management. If the coolant pump start-up is prevented by sticking bearings, this can result in severe engine damage! If the pump still runs dry during storage, the impeller must be turned by hand to loosen the sticking bearings before the coolant hoses are fitted. Directly after this, the system must be filled with coolant.

Diagnosis instruction

During assembly work, make sure that the connector is clean, dry and that the connections are undamaged. Diagnosis work is only permitted with approved adapter cables.

After filling the cooling system, the service function ”Venting cooling system” must be run.

In both cases, be absolutely sure to comply with the information provided in the repair instructions!

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