61 71 061Replacing (removing and installing) fluid reservoir for windscreen washer unit

Necessary preliminary tasks:

Work is shown on the E70 by way of example. There may be differences in detail in the case of other vehicle models.

Release screw (1).

Twist filler duct (2) in direction of arrow out of fluid reservoir for windscreen washer unit (3) and remove.

If necessary, release air supply unit vent line (4) at mounting points (5) from fluid reservoir for windscreen washer unit (3).


Risk of damage!

Carry out this operation carefully so as to avoid damaging the side panel.


Release screws.

Pull side panel forwards slightly.



Tightening torque 41 35 7AZ (A-pillar area).

Tightening torque 41 35 8AZ (sill area).


Side panel shown removed for purposes of clarity.

Catch any escaping washer fluid if necessary.


Remove level switch for windscreen washer unit (5).

Remove washer pump of headlight washer system (1).

Remove windscreen washer pump (4).

If necessary, remove washer pump for rear window washer system (2).

Unlock plug connection (3) on fluid reservoir for windscreen washer system and disconnect.

Remove high-pressure line (6) and if necessary air supply unit vent line from fluid reservoir for windscreen washer unit.

Release wiring harness (1) from wheel arch (2) and lay to one side.

Release screw (4).

Feed out fluid reservoir for windscreen washer unit (3) towards front.

  • Make sure fluid reservoir for windscreen washer unit (1) is correctly seated in lug (2)
  • Replace strainers on washer pumps
  • Coat sealing rings of washer pumps with antiseize agent
  • Make sure hoses and wiring harnesses are correctly routed
  • Fill fluid reservoir

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