CCC system overview: E60, E61, E63, E64

- CCC inputs/outputs on E60, E61, E63, E64

The illustration shows the example of the signal input and signal output on the E60.
Item Description Item Description
1 Car Communication Computer (CCC) 2 Controller in the centre console
3 Telephone 4 CD changer
5 Aerials (in the rear window) 6 GPS satellites
7 Satellite Digital Audio Radio System (SDARS, only US version) 8 GPS aerial
9 Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) 10 DVD for navigation system
11 Wheel-speed sensor 12 Steering column switch cluster (SZL)
13 Video module 14 Instrument cluster (for the Check Control messages)
15 Central Information Display (CID) 16 Navigation
17 Entertainment 18 Communication
19 Climate (for control of the integrated automatic heating/air-conditioning system) 20 Loudspeakers for audio output
21 Audio operation 22 Park Distance Control (PDC)
23 Acoustic signals (jingles), e.g. acoustic PDC signals 24 TOP-HiFi amplifier
25 Head-up display    

CCC system circuit diagram on E60, E61, E63, E64

The illustration shows the system circuit diagram in the E60 as an example.
Item Description Item Description
1 Car Communication Computer (CCC) 2 Central Information Display (CID)
3 Body gateway module (KGM) 4 Diagnosis wire
5 Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) 6 Steering column switch cluster (SZL) with multi-function steering wheel
7 FM aerial in roof-mounted aerial 8 AM aerial in roof-mounted aerial
9 Aerial amplifier in roof-mounted aerial 10 Rear window aerial
11 Aerial amplifier with aerial diversity 12 AUX-In connection
13 Treble loudspeaker, front right 14 Mid-range loudspeaker, front right
15 Navigation system (Japan, Korea) 16 CD changer (CDC)
17 Bass loudspeaker, front right 18 Telematics control unit (TCU)
19 Video module (VM), not E87 20 Diagnosis connection for MOST bus
21 Mid-range loudspeaker, rear right 22 Treble loudspeaker, rear right
23 Top-HiFi amplifier (not all channels and loudspeakers illustrated) 24 Treble loudspeaker, rear left
25 Interface box (ULF-SBX) 26 Mid-range loudspeaker, rear left
27 SDARS control unit (Satellite Digital Audio Radio Service), only US version 28 Digital tuner (IBOC), only US version
29 DAB tuner, only Europe version 30 Bass loudspeaker, front left
31 Hands-free microphone 32 Mid-range loudspeaker, front right
33 Treble loudspeaker, front left 34 Fan motor on CCC
35 Controller (CON) 36 Instrument cluster (KOMBI)
Kl. 30g-f Terminal 30g-f, power supply Kl. 58g Terminal 58g, locating light
F-CAN Chassis CAN K-CAN Body CAN
LVDS Data wire (Low Voltage Differential Signalling) MOST Media Oriented System Transport
PT-CAN Powertrain CAN    
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