Rollover protection controller and roll bar E64, E93

Installation location

The two roll bars are installed in a carrier behind the two rear seats. Together with the reinforced windscreen frame, the roll bars maintain a sufficiently large survival space for the occupants.

> E64
The rollover protection controller is installed behind the right-hand back seat on the partition to the carrier of the rollover protection system.

Item Description Item Description
1 Partition 2 Rollover protection actuator, right
3 Rollover protection controller 2  

> E93
The rollover protection controller is located behind the rear left seat on the rollover protection system carrier.

How it works

Load current is supplied to the rollover protection controller via terminal 30. A regulator in the rollover protection controller transforms the voltage to approx. 35 Volt, thus charging the 2 ignition capacitors in the rollover protection controller.

The rollover protection controller discharges the two ignition capacitors when the crash safety module outputs the triggering signal. Power is now applied to the two roll bar actuators in the carrier.
The roll bar actuator is a single-acting solenoid with a locking device to release and lock the roll bar. The spring-loaded roll bar extends when the solenoid releases.

The rollover protection controller does not directly have diagnosis capabilities. The rollover protection controller monitors itself internally. The rollover protection controller sends a message to the crash safety module when a fault is detected. The fault code is stored in the fault code memory of the crash safety module.

Item Description Item Description
1 Roll bar, right 2 Mounting bracket
3 Roll bar, left 4 Locking device (press back to release extended roll bar)
5 Pretensioning spring 6 Guide
7 Opening for mechanical emergency release 8 Mounting screws for roll bar actuator, right
9 Rollover protection actuator, right 10 Locking device
11 Electrical connector    
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