51 42 000Removing and installing (replacing) rear left or right door trim panel

Special tools required:

Necessary preliminary tasks:

Fit special tool 64 1 020 (as illustrated) behind the securing pin inside door handle (1).

Lever out rear catches of cover (2).

Open inside door handle (1) while levering out cover (2) further at the back.

Slight up and down movement will release the front catches of the cover (2).

Remove cover (2).

Installation note:
Retaining catches (1) of cover (2) must not be damaged or missing.
Installation note:
Catches (1) and (2) must not be damaged or missing.
Installation note:

Offer up cover (1) to fit and snap into place at the back.

Thumb pressure in handle recess (2) will snap cover (1) into place at the front.

Release screws (1 and 2).
Unclip door trim panel (1) from clips (2) with special tool 00 9 317 .

Carefully unclip door trim panel (1) at top from retainers (2).

Disconnect all plug connections.

Unhook Bowden cable (1) from door lock (2).
After each removal, all light blue clips (2) must be replaced.

Installation note:

If necessary, replace faulty clips (1).

Fit all clips with sealing ring.

Make sure clips are installed in correct position.

1 Grey clip
2 Light blue clip

Installation note:
After assembling the door trim panel proceed as follows:
  • Open side window
  • Lock with vehicle key
  • Check for ease of movement on locking button linkage
  • If necessary, align linkage

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