51 33 000Removing and installing (replacing) power window unit in left or right front door

Necessary preliminary tasks:

Disconnect plug connection (1) from power window motor (2) (risk of trapping).

Lever out cover (1) and release nuts (2) underneath.

Unscrew nuts (3).

Tightening torque 51 33 2AZ.

Unclip power window unit (3) at clip (1 and 2).


Clips (1 and 2) must not be damaged.

Make sure clips (1 and 2) are in correct position.

Removal of power window unit
  1. Feed out front window lift rail
  2. Feed out rear window lift rail
Insert adjusting plate (1) on rear window lift rail (3) correctly into guide on window lift support (2).


Release screws (1) and detach flat motor (2).

Tightening torque 51 33 2AZ.


Carry out normalization of power window unit.

Basic settings of power window unit:

Height adjustment via wedge (1).

Measurement (A) = 3 ... 4 mm  
Longitudinal adjustment via elongated hole (1) of wedge (2) on power window unit (3).
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