61 12 002Replacing battery positive lead (from battery to luggage compartment connector)


Observe safety instructions for handling vehicle battery.

Follow instructions for disconnecting and connecting battery.

Observe notes on power supply / on intelligent battery sensor (IBS).

Necessary preliminary tasks:

Unscrew nuts (1).

Remove underlay for floor panel at rear left (2).

Remove underlay for luggage compartment floor panel (3).

Slacken nut (1) of safety battery terminal. Tightening torque 61 21 1AZ.



Do not under any circumstances use force to pull off safety battery terminal.


Disconnect battery positive lead with safety battery terminal from battery.

Disconnect plug connection for safety battery terminal (2).

Disconnect plug connection for IBS (3).

If necessary, open cable shoe cover (4).

Release nut on luggage compartment distribution box. Tightening torque 61 21 2AZ.

Open cable shoe mounting (1).

Release screw (2). Tightening torque 61 12 3AZ.

Release cable shoe mounting (1) from positive battery lead (3) and remove.



Risk of short circuits!

Make sure cable shoe mounting (1) is correctly seated on battery positive lead (3).

Release battery positive lead (1) from fastening points (2).

If necessary, release cable ties.



Make sure battery positive cable (1) is correctly routed.

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