13 53 315Removing and installing/replacing all injectors in fuel injection system (M57T2)

Special tools required:

Necessary preliminary tasks:
  • Read out the fault memory of the DDE control unit.
  • Switch off ignition.
  • Remove acoustic cover.
  • Pull off leakage oil line.
  • Disconnect all pressure lines.

It is essential to adhere to conditions of absolute cleanliness when carrying out repair work on the fuel system.

  • Do not allow any dirt particles or foreign bodies to get into the system
  • Use only fluff-free cloths
  • Remove all traces of dirt contamination before dismantling lines or separate components
  • Seal all fuel system openings with protective caps.

Following description applies to all injectors:

Unlock connector (1) and remove.

Unscrew nuts.

Remove injector (2).

Installation note:

Tightening torque 13 53 4AZ.

If the injectors have seized up, assemble special tools 13 5 251, 13 5 252 and 13 5 253 (from the set of special tools 13 5 250 ) and fit on the injector connection.

Drive out injector with impact weight of special tool.

Installation note:

Replace sealing rings (1 and 2).

Replace gasket (3).

Lightly lubricate injector slot with highly heat-resistant grease (refer to Consumables 4.5).

Prior to installation of injectors, clean injector sockets.


Risk of breakage of pressure line on injector. Observe tightening torque without fail.

Tightening torque 13 53 1AZ.

  1. Hand-tighten all union nuts on pressure lines.
  2. Tighten union nuts on injectors and pressure accumulator to specified torque.
  3. Perform visual inspection for tightness of all common rail system components.

In the case of piezo injectors, the seven-digit adjustment value must be stored in the control unit after replacement of an injector.

Read off adjustment value (1) on new injector (2).
If injectors have been replaced, "injector characteristic map adjustment" must be performed:

  1. Connect BMW diagnosis system
  2. Identify vehicle
  3. Select ”Function selection”
  4. Select ”Service functions”
  5. Select "Digital Diesel Electronics (DDE)"
  6. Select "Injectors adjustment"
  7. Select ”Test plan”
  8. Start "Service" function with right arrow button.
Clear diagnostic fault entries from fault memory.

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