11 24 571Replace all connecting rod bearings (S85)

Special tools required:

Note grinding stages of crankshaft.

Necessary preliminary tasks:

Use new connecting rod bearing shells.Installation note:

Install one blue (1) and one red (2) bearing shell in each connecting rod.

Install all pistons.


Check connecting-rod bearing play.

Piston in BDC position.

Fit special tool 00 2 590 (Plastigage type PG 1) to oil-free crankshaft.

Place bearing caps in position, making sure that matching numbers are paired.


Do not twist connecting rods or crankshaft.

Use the old connecting rod bolts to check connecting-rod bearing play.

Tighten down connecting rod bolts with special tool 00 9 120 .

Tightening torque: 11 24 1AZ.

Remove connecting rod bearing cap and read off radial clearance at width of crushed Plastigage with assistance of measuring scale.

Connecting-rod bearing play: Refer to technical data.

  • Remove plastic thread.
  • Lubricate crankshaft and bearing shells.
  • Insert new connecting rod bolts and tighten.

Tightening torque: 11 24 1AZ.

Assemble engine.
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